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A joyous eatery inspired by the culture of continental cuisine

Oia (pronounced ee aa) is a tiny little village in Santorini, Greece with a population of 1,500 (according to a 2011 census report on Wikipedia) and is known for its whitewashed houses with blue domes. Oia in Hennur, is an 87,000-square-foot pub with a seating capacity of over 1,800 and it pretty much recreates the Greek village's aesthetics right down to the blue dome. When you enter the space, which by the way is touted as Asia's largest pub, you are in for a visual overload. You're not sure where to focus (and that's okay)—maybe it's the mini waterfall by the koi pond that catches your eye, or maybe the towering arches, or just how expansive the space is.

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Opens 12:00 PM - 12:30 AM, every day of the week

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Mixologist Special Cocktails

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Pepperoni Pizza

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Aburi Hamachi Uramaki

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Jack Daniels Whiskey Glazed Half Roasted Chicken

Truffle Mash Potato, Sautéed Haricot Beans

  • CA Jitendra Kumar Chopra

    "Great Ambiance, Great Staff, Great Beverages, Pretty good place if you want to hangout with your friends. Very good atmosphere. They really have made an amazing seating arrangement. You can sit just beside the coy pond. Which would be sort of romantic for dates. They have good kid friendly places for families. Since it's a large area seats are available most of the time."

  • Shijo Jose

    "You don't go there for the food but for the sheer amazing view and architecture. You feel like you have been transported to Rome or somewhere in Italy. It's a totally amazing and hedonistic experience. You can chill and get drunk like a boss. But I would avoid the busy times ...best experienced with low number of people."

  • Ruchika Gupta

    "Oia is a beautiful place .. the vibe is great ! It’s huge and the place does justice to the Greek Style setting . We tried a lot of starters like tandoori dumplings , wonton noodle soup , mini mezze plate , pasta and also vegetable dumplings . Everything tasted great and they made it less spicy according to our liking . The food came quickly too."


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